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India’s 69% population is living in rural areas. Agriculture and allied industries are the major source of income for rural population. Agriculture contribution in GDP has been dropping since 1950. Agriculture contribution in India’s GDP is 17% as per 2014-15 GDP numbers vis-à-vis 52% in year 1950. Majority of rural population slip back to poverty as much as they move out of poverty due to poor yields of agriculture. 30% of rural population live under Below Poverty Line (BPL). Unpredicted monsoons, continuous droughts, natural calamities such as floods made Agriculture unviable. In addition, agriculture yield has reduced drastically due to using primitive methods. Only a small percentage of children from agriculture dependent family are climbing the Social Mobility ladder. Combination of low income and social immovability has pushed large part of rural population in to poverty. This has resulted wide gap in the quality of life between rural and urban India. It is shocking to know the following facts and figures.

  • 71% of houses in India have no concrete (pucca) roofs
  • Demand for 62 million housing units (costing below Rs.10 lakhs) by 2017
  • 31% of Rural India is still illiterate
  • 80% of Vth Std students could not do simple mathematics
  • Short of 12 crore skilled workforce by 2022
  • 37% of workforce have no work for 1-6 months in a year (Sample State; Undivided AP)
  • 17% of Urban population live in slums
  • No Indian City is in the list of top 50 cities in the world
  • Rural to Urban forced migration 5000 per hour

RuRu was founded in 2017 with a vision to solve forced rural to urban migration and to improve quality of in rural India. RuRu provides opportunities to rural population to fulfill their aspirations within and outside their villages so that rural households would never be deprived from the opportunities available in urban. RuRu would also provide benefits to urban population to have their base in one of their choice of villages. This base will bring multiple benefits to urban population viz; quality produce from the villages at minimum price, owning weekend destination farm houses at reasonable price. Urban population can transform these weekend destination farm houses to senior citizen homes when they decided to retire and involve in people development as they have already established strong connection to this particular village or villages. In turn, rural population who have been looking after their farm houses for years will be supporting the farm house owners at their old age in a complete ecosystem.

A complete eco system new generation village is developed and maintained at RuRu village to fetch multiple benefits for both rural and urban population which includes;

  • Livelihood for rural population
  • Market linkages for rural produce
  • Improving quality of life in rural
  • Education and skill development for rural youth
  • Healthcare for rural population
  • Reduction in essential commodities prices by 25% minimum to urban population
  • Social security to urban population
  • Weekend destinations to urban population

Our commitment to build sustainable ecofriendly new generation villages in India has brought us to the concept of RuRu Village. This is conceptualized at IIM, Bangalore during our founder’s Public Policy Program. Thanks to NSRCEL mentors, fellow PGPPM students and professors who have contributed and refined this concept.

RuRu meaning Rural to Rural. Our mission is to bringdown rural to urban forced migration by building ecosystem with in rural so that enough opportunities, rather better opportunities are available within RuRu as well as in the villages located 25km radius around RuRu. Our goal is to promote green construction in RuRu villages by using locally available materials and using state-of-the-art construction technologies. RuRu village have access to only electric vehicles and cycles within the village. All fossil fuel vehicles need to be parked outside the village in a parking area. Rainwater harvesting, Sewage Treatment Plant, Renewable Energy, Organic Farming, Skill Development Centre, Education Centre, MSME complex, Restaurants, Club house with yoga centre, Jogging and Cycling tracks, Farm houses and Affordable housing are mandatory in RuRu village.    RuRu is prototype for New Generation Villages across the country thereby urban and rural can be merged seamlessly. 

We at RuRu minimise urban forced migration thereby making poverty & slum free India over the next few years. We also envision to bring senior citizen care at affordable price besides bringing down the essential commodities prices by 25%. This is possible by having seamless synergy between rural and urban. Providing right opportunity to people associated with RuRu is key for positive impact in society. We strive to achieve this with best efforts of our team and people associated with us.   

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